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Bitdonors Syndicate had its soft launched last 16th July 2019.  Now we are in the process of having the MAIN launch which will be built on the shortest matrix build "2 by 2". It has a low start up fee of $10 and it has a total payout of $600 spread all over the levels which means you start earning from the very first level. It shall feed the grand plan with over 800 entries ; each entry having a potential return of $1,037 at the long run.

🍁 6 different income streams.
🍁 700 grand plan entry
🍁 25 re-entries to Silver Plan
🍁 150% ROI on cycling the very first matrix.

🍁 Only 10$ per positions. 

🍁 You can purchase multiple positions.

🍁 Automatic re-entry and upgrade to the next level.

🍁 Make you launch your pay day!

It will be big by the will of every member. Start funding your account and get ready for the launch on 25th of November 2019.

Now our main launch will be a bang! Absolutely a bang!!!

New Pocket Filler Plan

Pocket Filler Plan Details.jpg

Join us now! Start from just $10 Position and start earning like a pro.

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Interested to join but you don't have a Bitcoin Wallet? Please click the Crypto Currency Wallet title and it will direct you to the link.